Martin Solhaugen, 24

Oslo, Norway



+47 93 46 46 13

“My biggest dream is to walk by a billboard advertisement in Times Square and be able to say; I made that. – and I am constantly working hard to accomplish that dream, learning new things everyday.”

Martin Solhaugen is a 24 year old guy from Oslo, Norway educated with a bachelor degree in Mass communication at Hawaii Pacific University, Honolulu Hawaii. Martin has constantly been traveling the world for the past 4 years in pursuit for cultural and visual expressions. With a big heart for visual storytelling and a unique eye for detail, Martin has worked on global projects for Tourism-boards, luxury hotels and high-profile clients.

Google / Jaguar / Henkel / Youtube / Adobe / Volvo Cars / Apollo / Visit Britain / Victorinox / Barebells / Dæhlie / Amundsen Sport / Greater Than A / Visit Sri Lanka / Croatia Tourism Board / Mitt Norge / Nature Box / Fa / Visit Sunnfjord / Vitamin Well / Rossignol / Dynastar