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Visit Kaunas


Kaunas is the second largest city of lithuania currently trying to attract more tourists from norway and scandinavia.


Produce a total of 10 instagram images across two instagram accounts in the network of reisegutta. all additional pictures to be used for marketing purposes 







PHOTOGRAPHY and blog posts

"I work with influencers around the world every day, but but I have never met anyone so upbeat and determined toward a project as these two. It was a pleasure to work with Martin and Kim on this project. The content they delivered is outstanding and really exceeded our expectations." 

Lauryna Tamošaitytė - Unboxed Influencers

The Social media blogger tour for Visit Kaunas was produced between 19th of January 2018 –21st of January 2017. Martin Solhaugen was one of the influencer approached by Unboxed Influencers to work for Visit Kaunas with the creative brief of producing social media content over a time span of 3 days. The concept was based of trying to show Millennial's a variety of places in Kaunas which could be visited and enjoyed. 

Along for the brief Martin Solhaugen brought his partner and influencer friend from Reise Gutta, Kim Sørensen.  Martin and Kim flew from Oslo Norway to Vilnius, Lithuania.  Visit Kaunas had pre arranged accommodation, restaurant and activities for the team. The activities were mostly targeted to fit the program on which Kaunas is trying to promote. Culture and Art. For future activities, Martin would recommend to also incorporate more "Action filled" activities which will lead to a more diverse look for bloggers and instagrammers. A helicopter flight above the city was planned in the initial program but due to rough whether the team did never enter a helicopter.  

During the trip Martin and Kim worked with content delivery of photos, live stories and videos. Having a diverse team proved to be the key to success on a tight schedule. With close daily communication with Visit Kaunas and Unboxed Influencers The Team had specific tasks on what attractions and content to capture in each of the cities. The content was delivered with ease and could be enjoyed by their combined network of 100,000 people the following week. 


On Instagram the team has direct access to statistics and reach of the 10 photos produced. 

Total Likes: 21178         Comments: 906           Reach: 116889



Interview with Unboxed Influencers about @reisegutta and Influencer travel marketing

Interview with Unboxed Influencers about @reisegutta and Influencer travel marketing


Kaunas is an amazing city that aimes to become the cultural capital of Europe by 2022. Both Martin and Kim take great pride in the fact that they were chosen as influencers to help Lithuania target more Norwegian travelers. Visit Kaunas and Unboxed influencers did an amazing job with planing the trip for the team. Finding a piece of history and charm in each of the locations proved to be easy with the help of on-site contacts and people willing to help. The influencer strategy combined with a blogger tour program is an interesting concept which should be adopted by more nations and countries in the world. The power of sharing travel is something that delivers genuine and real experiences, more power-full then any commercial message. 

For more photos Watch all the blogs the team produced here:

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