Travel to Lithuania From Norway

Project: Visit Kaunas, Lithuania

Photos by: Martin Solhaugen

Traveling to Lithuania is very easy. (If your are not as unlucky as us) There are direct flights from Oslo Gardermoen and you will get there in less then two hours. For us in Reise Gutta we took the train from Oslo central station to Oslo Gardermoen and then flew to Vilnius. But our journey got very complicated... 

Kim Sørensen eating pizza at a restaurant in Riga. 

Kim Sørensen eating pizza at a restaurant in Riga. 

Our journey got very complicated

Going to Lithuania, Kim managed to forget his passport. Luckily we were 2 hours early at the airport and were able to get Kim's dad to drive the passport up to us at the airport. Rumors has it that he broke the sound barriers on E6. (Our main highway in Norway). 

From here we were flying with Air Baltic to Riga, Latvia for one layover and then directly to Vilnius. This is where things got very complicated. When we walked out of the plane a lady was standing and asking us for our surnames. We answered and were guided on to one of three busses for connecting flights. We were repeatedly asking the lady if the bus was the connecting bus for Vilnius. She never mentioned that it wasn't, and we kept looking around for confirmation signes that this was the right bus. The entire situation seemed weird, but we decided to belive the lady working for Air Baltic. Next we found ourselves inside the wrong plane only realizing our weird situation when they said over speaker that there were to many passengers onboard. 

Air Baltic payed for a 4 hour taxi drive to Lithuania

Luckily the lady at Air Baltic realized what she had done and decided to pay for a taxi ride to Lithuania. By now the time was 11:30 p.m and we realized that our luggage was on the plane going to Vilnius. I then spent the next 2 hours of the taxi ride arguing with lost and found central at Vilnius airport. Thanks to visit Kaunas the situation was taken care of as the director himself went to pick up the luggage. 

HOF, Hotel Kaunas 


Finally after 4 hours we arrived to the Hof Hotel in the centrum of Kaunas, Lithuania. This was a very high quality hotel with great rooms, good internet, and friendly staf. 

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// Martin