Interview in Norway's biggest newspaper

Recently I had the opportunity to get a word with VG, Norway's biggest newspaper. [Booth and VG Reise] To me this was a big achievement as this means we are educating the Norwegian advertising and consumer market about travel and influencer marketing. If more companies see the opportunities and great content that is being produced hopefully the market and possibilities will grow with it. So far in my "career" I have mainly been working with American and Swedish brands and I really hope to be a part of a Norwegian success story where travel content marketing is being perceived as a great return on investment. Working with me Solhaugen, Wordup Projects, Reisegutta [or a combination of the three] the clients will achieve high exposure but also receive an amazing package of content for future use. 

Thank you to Malene Emilie Rustad for the opportunity to express myself. 

Screen Shot 2018-03-18 at 8.38.08 AM.png
Screen Shot 2018-03-15 at 9.07.35 AM.png

Headlines reads: His travel videos have been seen by millions. [of people]