I'm back!


Hi, everybody! It's been a while since my last post. The reason for this is because the past year I put all my energy into video production, vlogging and Youtube. Prior to this I spent my time focusing on a variety of things like blogging, design and photography. I have come so far with my personal development the past year, and now I am back on track feeling better then ever. However before I go into my future plans I want to talk a little bit about the journey that got me to where I am today. 

Where it started:

It all started exactly 1 year ago when I got really into Instagram and social media content. I loved it! I got more and more obsessed with creating content, especially videos. One day I decided that i was going to do one video every day for a whole year, not thinking about my college degree or the dedication it would take to pull it of. Looking back I have no idea how I was able to keep the vlogs going of for such a long time. It's sad to admit, but it ruined my creativity, social life and drive.. Daily video blogs is really hard to do, especially if you are a detail oriented guy like me. I guess what I am trying to say is that if you really want to do them, stick to once or twice a week


How it ended:

The journey I went through with 220 daily video blogs thought me more about myself, my friends and the industry in general then what I could have ever imagined. Personally I found myself getting more and more shifted towards doing something I was not comfortable about. I wanted to create content for the fun of it, and people kept pushing me in several directions, which sadly all seemed great at first. One thing lead to another, and in the end I am better off having only myself to answer to. -

"Thank you to everyone who gave a piece of their life and energy to me while I was traveling the U.S & Europe. The memories will live forever, and I will never delete a single video."


I have spent the last two months trying to figure out what I want to do with all the experience and knowledge I now possess. Spending time in Hawaii with friends is mind-therapy in itself. I love it. This is were it all began, far away from any one else. My professor told me "When you are young you can never allow yourself to tell yourself you failed", instead you can tell yourself "it just wasn't for me." - which is exactly what I will say.

"The whole daily vlogging and trying to make a living of instagram wasn't for me." - But it taught me a lot. 


My future is full of roads to walk and endless possibilities, but what I really want to focus in on is creating good videos and images that will inspire others to use, live or wear a certain brand. Not only that, but creating those videos with the right people for the right reasons is a key factor. whether these videos end up on Social Media Channels, Billboards or Tv-commercials does not matter to me as long as I am free within my own boarders of creativity, and getting jacked on positive energy. I am am man of many talents, and I will go beyond what's expected of me to finish what I started and make my clients and friends happy. I hope to make a great numbers of amazing memories doing this, but most importantly I want to find back to the Martin that woke up with a smile every single day. - that's the goal, it was never, nor will it ever be about the fame.

"I want to find back to the Martin that woke up with a smile every single day. - that's the goal, it was never, nor will it ever be about the fame." 

// thanks for reading. 

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