How did you get to where you are now?


- It’s always hard to explain exactly what got me to the point where I am today. However, I will mark out a couple of key events in my life that shaped me and that I think contributed to the path.


Creating ski movies

It all started with me and a couple of friends getting together to produce full-length ski movies. Every year for six year we produced a ski-movie which thought me to focus on my goals and find the right amount of dedication to pursuit something I wanted. As I got better I learned to deal with sponsorships, productions and deliverables. I learned the basics of photography as well as videography and editing in professional editing software. At the peak of my carrier I competed in Level 1 super unknown.


Creative advertising and marketing

At the same time as we were producing the last two ski movies, I went directly from High school onto a 2-year program in Creative Advertising and marketing at Høyskolen Kristiania in Oslo Norway. I learned to nourish my creative skill-sets and were introduced to composition, advertising and creative strategy. For the first time in my life I really felt that I was good at something school related and often sat long hours after school to work with creative briefs and production of fictive advertising billboards. I graduated with A in both my final exams, which proved me that this was a direction I should continue.


Hawaii – Bachelor in Mass Communication

I have always had the need to do something different and going to Hawaii to study for college felt like the perfect get-away. I was accepted for the Mass Communication Bachelor Program at Hawaii Pacific University. At this point I had never used Instagram, blogging or any other platform to market myself besides pleasing ski-sponsors. In Hawaii, I was introduced to an amazing mindset where all you ever heard was “Go for it man.” The skepticism towards people and ideas was completely taken away.  I linked up with a couple of photographers and adventurers and at one point in my second semester I was introduced to the amazing opportunities that presented itself through the platform Instagram. @jackson.groves. Thanks for changing my life and showing me the ropes. To this date USA and influencer marketing is way beyond what is happening in Norway. In my interview with VG I explained that that I am currently working on educating the Norwegian market about the dangers and possibilities with the use of Influencer marketing. Hawaii was a huge playground for someone like me and the perfect springboard to offer clients something unique.


Applying to become Jon Olsson video blog editor and filmer.


The summer of 2017 my DM was blowing up of people encouraging me to apply for the Video blog-job offered by Jon Olsson. It was to many messages to ignore the fact that people actually thought I had a chance. At this point I had invested in the best DJI amateur drone on the market and experimenting with Sam Kolder’s zoom transitions. [Video transitions where the image zooms into the next image] I had already recorded an entire semester of crazy hiking, pool parties and fun on the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii. I compiled all my material into one video and pushed submit. [this is the video] This was the first time I experienced the Viral phenomenon. Within a month the video had 100,000 views and was one of two Jon Olssons liked videos on his Youtube Channel. If you were following the race back then you will not be surprised knowing that the second liked video was Andreas Hem, who ended up winning. Good for you buddy!


 220 daily video blogs

I have no idea how I was able to find the stamina to pull 220 daily video blogs of while going to college, having a girlfriend and going to parties with friends. There are stories of me where I am sitting 3 am after a party 100% focused to finish my video for the next day 8 am upload time. The video blogs themselves got better with time and has directly led to some amazing opportunities later in my life. The seeds I planted and worked for back then is something I am harvesting now. It also led to the introduction of thousands of people and a strong fan base that I allowed into my life. I don’t miss daily video blogging but I highly encourage you to start making videos once a week. To my surprise one of the videos I produced after the 220 daily video blogs is the video that has gotten the most views. 157,000 on my YT channel and 8,3 million views on Facebook. [Shared by Unilad, National Geographic Channel and Bored Panda]


  Traveling the world

Remember that there is no quick fix to anything in life. The journey is also the destination which I often tend to forget. I am not saying it’s easy for people to get the chance to travel, but if you do have the chance, get out there. My travels across the world and decision to study abroad really expanded my mindset. I am open to more and feel like I have become a more extrovert person. Seeing places really makes you fall in love with other cultures.


Entrepreneur mindset

What’s changed the last couple of years is that I have had such a great personal development that I am starting to use all my knowledge and expertise to find ways to create my own business. I am using everything I have learned from my travels, education and spear time to connect with big-thinkers. People of similar interests for product development, marketing and production. My dream is to be economically independent and to work alongside with good friends on an idea that’s beneficial for the society I am living in. I hope to continue this sentence in a couple of years from now.


My advice!

Start connecting with people. Whatever business you are trying to get into networking is key. If you wish to become a traveler or photographer you need to start creating opportunities. To many people think that the clients will come running their way. Come up with a creative idea or concept which you think clients would like to be attached to. Screen your competition and clients. What are they currently posting or advertising about? If you wish to promote a certain brand start looking into what they do and what you can produce to align with the brand message. Don’t aim to high. Nike or Adidas will not work with you at first, but if you work smart and master the advertising of shoes then maybe, when the time is right you can pitch a bigger idea. Expand your platforms. Makes videos, write blogs, and take photos. Trust me. When the time is right you will understand why it’s so good to have a personal website to link everything back to. Having an Instagram in 2018 is not enough unless you are some crazy celebrity and then nothing of this probably applies to you. Read books and watch series. They give you creative ideas! Think about your image. Work with brands and people that you believe will lift you higher. Yes, the road is long from nothing to something but if you really want something in life only YOU can make the decision to go get it. I am not halfway near of what I want to achieve in life, but I am on a mission to get it.


/ Martin