Kaunas Lithuania, Reviews and tips.

Project: Visit Kaunas, Lithuania

Photos by: Martin Solhaugen & Kim Sørensen


During the weekend of 19th - 21st of January I had the opportunity to travel to Kaunas, Lithuania on a blogger trip. Prior to my visit I had never been exposed to Lithuanian culture. During this article I will share my best first hand encounters for you to consider Kaunas when you book your next weekend excursion. 

Kaunas, the cultural capital of Europe by 2022?

Yes, you read right. Kaunas has taken on the ambitious challenge to fill it's city with cultural experiences and impressions. "The goal of the project is more relevant than ever: to provide Europeans with opportunities to learn more about each other's cultures, to enjoy their shared history and values and to experience the feeling of belonging to the same European community." ( 

This is exactly why Martin Solhaugen & Kim Sørensen, working for Reise Gutta was hired by Visit Kaunas to perform blogging and Instagram marketing for the city of Kaunas. 


Restaurant Numan, Kaunas.

During our first night in Kaunas we were invited to the Numan Restaurant for a 5 course meal. Food was exceptionally good, so was the wine that came with. Perfectly balanced textures and temperatures. At one point the server lit a bowl of pine trees to add to the experience.  The Over-all atmosphere of this restaurant is very high end and classy. Located in the city centrum it's a great choice for those who are living along the Laisves Aleja. 

The Pazaislis Monastery 


The Pazaislis Monastry is the largest monastery complex in all of Lithuania. Founded in 1662 It’s a classic example of Italian Baroque architecture. The Monastery has had several destructions throughout history both by Napoleons Army and during the Russian invasion. Me and Kim were lucky enough to get a guided tour through the hotel part of the complex in addition to having a 5-course lunch. Enjoy the pictures. 


Why Kaunas?

During our time in Kaunas it’s obvious to me that this city has inhabitants of great ambitions. Lithuanian culture and ways of behavior to me has great similarities to Norwegians. Everyone we spoke to communicated ambitions and drive towards making their city a popular place to visit. The food is excellent, the street art interesting and architecture fascinating. We were also able to try the night life and can recommend it! – As a Norwegian in Lithuania you will have a good purchasing power, and it’s a convenient 2 hour flight. It’s safe to say Kaunas should be considered on your weekend excursion list next to Stockholm or Copenhagen.

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