Today I was voted to be the new leader and District President of ANSA Hawaii (Association of Norwegian Students Abroad). The coming year I will be working to make the everyday life of Norwegian students studying in Hawaii even better. 

What is ANSA?

The Association of Norwegian Students abroad is an organization that has since 1956 worked to protect Norwegian foreign students' interests and provide information about study opportunities abroad.

How big is it?

The organisation has over 10.000 members and 500 representatives in over 1,200 campuses in more than 90 countries. I am now representing HPU and all the surrounding campuses on all the Islands of Hawaii. *At the moment ANSA have about 70 Norwegian Members who study in Hawaii.

What is ANSA doing?

• Supervise and informs about studies abroad - for free!

• Jobs politically and organisationally for the overseas students' academic, economic, social and cultural interests should be safeguarded

• Creates understanding for the different resources overseas students represent in terms of their international experience and expertise

• organise professional and social activities worldwide

• Promoting the academic life and overseas stay as good as possible

• Provides security, advice and support to the Norwegian foreign students

• Provides career days and networks worldwide during and after the study period

My thoughts and reason for my motivation:

I am guy who love to make things happen. On top of this I always go the extra mile to make my events memorable in terms of decoration and surprises. I love to meet new people, and I love to see others connect and feel good. Quote from my mom: “Martin you’re a people pleaser” I believe in including everybody, and that doing so will benefit me in the long run. So far my way of life have brought me good relations, strong friendships and an amazing girlfriend plus thousands of memory’s I couldn’t imagine being without.

I am now putting al my knowledge into making the everyday life of Norwegian students studying in Hawaii even better. I am looking forward to being the President of an amazing organisation that I have been a part of for the past year, and that have showed me so much. The previous board of ANSA Hawaii did an amazing job with connecting people through events and provides security, advice and support to the Norwegian foreign students.  Shout out to Juni, Katrine Terese, Charlotte, Truls, and Stine. I shall now continue the vital work they have been doing, along with ANSA Hawaii´s new Treasurer manager Mariken and ANSA Hawaii´s new Information officer Stine Lindvig.