Hi, everyone! I am super excited to launch my new collaboration with the official tourism promotional bureau of Sri Lanka. Together with 4 other content creators I am going to spend a total of 10 days on the Island. I wrote this blog article to give you a little overview of what I am about to do and my thoughts surrounding the project.

Day 1

Arrival in Colombo, Sri Lankans Capital. Meeting the four other bloggers @jackson.groves, @jordentually, @patriceaverilla, & @NeyuMarques. Can’t wait to meet the people I am going to spend 11 days with! Depending on my arrival I might have the time to visit a Buddhist temple, get a taste of Sri Lanka cuisine & visit the Cinnamon Gardens.



Day 2

We are going to see the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage – this is the largest heard of domestic Elephants babies who are still being fed by bottle. This orphanage is crated to take care of displaced elephants who have gotten lost from their natural habitat. Can’t wait to show you guys more about this and experience it first-hand. Later in the afternoon there is also talk about an Elephant safari where we will see actual wild elephants.  



Day 3

We are going to visit the castle in the sky also known as the Rock Fortress of Sigiriya.

If you follow me on my Instagram @solhuagen you know how much I love to hike and climb big mountains. I think this day will be really cool!



Day 4

On day four we are going to get guided into a mountain range that is less known to the touristy world. “The knuckle mountain range” I am looking forward to getting to the top and get a broad overview of the landscapes in Sri Lanka. I promise to bring the vlog camera!



Day 5

Train transfer day! I have been looking forward to taking the train through the Sri Lankan landscapes. My dream is to get a Instagram picture on a bridge where you can se the entire train in the shot. Hehe. We will see if we can make that happen.



Day 6

Another train transfer day. We are going to see the Nine Arches Bridge and Mini Adams Peak. I am stoked to spot some waterfalls again!



Day 7

On day 7 we are going to witness a giant waterfall named Diyaluma Falls. It’s the second highest waterfall in Sri Lanka with a height of 220m (720ft)



Day 8

Beach day and surf day! Time to hit the waves.



Day 9 - 10

Travel and sightseeing days back to Colombo

As you guys can see there is going to be a lot of things happening on the trip! I love attending these blogger trips because it’s so well planned. Hope you guys are stoked for the adventure.


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