Sigiriya Rock & Sigiriya Hotel Review


What is The Sigiriya Rock?

Located in the Sigiriya area of Sri Lanka is the Sigiriya Rock Temple (Aslo known as the Sinhagiri Lion Rock)  The Sigiriya Rock Temple is Sri Lankas most visited tourist attraction and said to be the 8th wonder of the world. The rock is 660ft high (200 meters) The temple was built by King Kasyapa (477 – 495 CE) as a palace overlooking the new capital. In later times the site has been used as a Buddhist monastery and is today a UNESCO World Heritage site. 


Sunrise images of Sigiriya Rock


6 a.m in the morning we hiked the neighboring rock of Sigiriya Rock to get stunning sunrise images. This is a must do, and to our surprise there was not many tourists doing the same. The hikes was about 40 minutes up and gave us stunning views of the Sigiriya Rock and a 360 degree view of the surrounding sigiriya area.

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Hiking Sigiriya Rock. How long does it take?

Later on the day we hiked the Sigiriya Rock temple. From the parking lot to the top we spent exactly 43 minutes. There is a about 1200 steps and multiple things to see on the way up! The mirror wall, acient paintings and the lions feet is one of the main attractions which you can look forward to see.On the way up we were greeted by the monkey-guards of the Rock temple!


Sigiriya Rock Sunset

We were lucky to witness an amazing sunset on the Sigirya rock. The landscapes of Sri Lanka is just breat thaking, especially under the right light. Scroll the images to see for yourself!


Sigiriya Hotel Review. (A photographers wet dream)

Sigiriya Hotel is located with a perfect view of the Sigiriya Rock. This is the only hotel in the area that offers this stunning view from the hotel. The pool is symmetrically lined up to perfectly aim towards the rock. This is a photographer’s wet dream.


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Breakfast in a tree house

The hotel staff went beyond what I expected to please us and accommodate us.  Me and @avelovinit was given the chance to eat breakfast in the hotels tree house. The tree house is of ancient tradition made to stay safe of the many elephants that rule the jungles of Sri Lanka. There are still incidents of Elephants attacks in the jungle villages.


Hello, World!


Sri Lankan Spa Experience

After breakfast we were given the ultimate spa experience in the hotels very own spa facility. The facilities were very clean and calming and the staff very professional. Foot massage, back massage and a steam session made us ready for a new day.



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