Sri Lanka Elephant Safari Kaudulla National Park


Hi everybody. First off. It’s always been my dream to see elephants outside the Zoo and in it’s natural environment. Coming to Sri Lanka with @destination_Srilanka we were given the chance to do just that! 


Before we were heading for the Kaudulla National Park and the scenic jeep safari we stoped at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage and were told that the elephants were taking a bath down by the river. It was an amazing sight to see them yet weird to know that these guys are misplaced elephants of Sri Lanka meaning that they got lost as babies or couldn’t survive on their own. What the Orphanage is doing is allowing them a chance to survive while on the other side there has been huge debates whether or not it’s okay to make a tourist attraction out of this. I would like to say that it didn’t feel like a zoo coming there, but that it’s clearly that the elephants are not in their natural environment. According to the workers there they are doing improvements every year to better the elephants situation. Browse the pictures below to look for yourself.


"Sunset Safari Time"


Crew! From the left: Jorden Tually, Jackson Groves, Martin Solhaugen, Neyu Ma, Patrice Averilla

The jeep ride is $45 per jeep, and is best experienced during sunrise or sunsets. It is therefore recommended to have accommodation close by. Click here to check hotel availability in the close areas around Kaudulla National Park.  


I would highly recommend doing the Sri Lanka sceenic Jeep Safari if you ever vist Kaudulla National Park! We saw close to 300 Elephants that day and several baby elephants. 

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