Colombo City Sightseeing & Movenpick Hotel Review


This article includes: Colombo city sightseeing & Movenpick Hotel Colombo Review.

Aloha, you awesome human. If you are reading this I want to inform you that Sri Lanka is truly amazing. This place has such a genuine and humble culture. As a Norwegian, I was exposed to quite the cultural shock coming here, however I must admit I love it. This is my first time in this part of the world. Asia is such an unexplored part of the world for me. If you are unfamiliar with me and my work I mainly aim to become a videographer but I have such a huge passion for sharing my experiences that I feel I need to put power into words. In this blog post I will share my first-hand encounter with Colombo. Here we go!

Hotel Movenpcik Colombo.

"The perfect location for urban excursion and city Sightseeing"


You know the Ice cream brand, right? Let’s just say they sold a lot of Ice cream and decided to put the same passion into offering a luxury getaway hotel. But did it taste as good as the pistachio ice-cream? Let’s find out.

Movenpick Colombo is located in close proximity to the beach and city attractions, with top quality amenities and royal like-customer service Hotel Movenpick was truly an amazing first encounter with Sri Lanka.

"Room service."

Please do not disturb, I am having a blast!

The Hotel consists of a 24 story glass building, with glamours views. My room was located on the 6th floor. Like a giant canvas the massive windows were stretching from side to side. It was truly amazing to wake up to the view of a blue wast ocean the next day. Browse the pictures below to see for youself. 

In House-Restaurant


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Roof top bar with Infinity pool


City Sightseeing


Independence Memorial Hall

This building was completed in 1953 as a memorial to celebrate Sri Lankas independence in 1948 from the British Rule. The building has interesting paintings inside which tells a story of Buddah. I was lucky to get a guided tour around the complex by Mr. Douglas. Thank you!


Gangaramaya Temple


This temple is one of the most important temples in all of Colombo, and my first time ever entering a Buddhist temple outside of Norway. There is something really peaceful about the Buddhist religion. Inside I was amazed to find Buddhist statues with a variety of sizes and a mix of Thai, Indian and Chinese architecture. The smell of being here is truly amazing. You need to visit!  


After a long and exciting day, we made it back to the Movenpick hotel to enjoy a tropical drink in sunset. If you are planning a trip to Colombo you should absolutely consider this hotel. If you want to check availability: Click here

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