Jetwing Kaduruketha Hotel Review

The luxurious calm jungle getaway 


Hotel Jetwing in Kaduruketha, Sri Lanka was one of 7 luxury hotels I stayed at during my blogger tour to Sri Lanka. Because I stayed at a large variety of hotels, I feel I have a fair and broad understanding of what types of luxury hotels one can expect to encounter and how to compare them. In this blog post I will give you my hands on review of the Jetwing Kaduruketha Hotel. 

Private bungalows with an open-sky-shower 


Yes. Every guest is given their own private bungalow or jungle hut. The particular one I stayed in had a king size bed placed in the middle of the room with cabinets and a work station neatly arranged on the sides. Every hut comes with a mosquito / insect net that the hotel staff makes sure is tucked in under your matress while you are eating dinner. 


Seen from the other side of the room you can see that the large sliding door of the Jetwing Bungalow hut are placed in front of the bed. In the mornings I would slide the doors open and enjoy a morning coffee with nature litteralty entering my bedroom. 


On the side of the bungalow there is a half open bathroom with a open-sky-shower. Jetwing Kaduruketha is so remotley located that showering under the bright shining stars is possible. I had a realization moment while doing just that I thought to myself, "Wow, how lucky I am to be here and experience this." - All i was missing was my loved one.  

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Hotel soap, umbrellas, and a large sink.

(psst. boys, this bathroom does not keep smell for a very long time. Brilliant) 

Jetwing Kaduruketha main resort


The main resort building was located only 2 minutes walk from my bungalow, or 1 minuted bike ride. Every bungalow comes with it's own private bike that the hotel guest can ride around the complex. I can promise you that there is really nothing quite like riding a bike in the sunset of Kaduruketha. 

Luxurious and visualy pleasing Infinity pool 


It's not hard to get the perfect vacation picture when you have great design to work with. We spent a couple of hours by the pool side and enjoyed the amzingly calmness of this place in addition to beautiful moutains in the background. 


This is the lobby building of the hotel. This is where you can get all your needs and answers. Inside they have a comfortable seating erea and a library should you wish to take advantage of the calmsness. 


There is something special about Sri Lanka. Their hospitality and service is far from anything I have ever experienced. They want you to feel like a king and to speak humble about their country. Not so hard when they offer you an expert level of service.