The Grand Kandyan Hotel Review


The Grand Kandyan Hotel Review

The Grand Kandyan Hotel in Kandy, Sri Lanka was one of 7 luxury hotels I stayed at during my blogger tour to Sri Lanka. Because I stayed at a large variety of hotels, I feel I have a fair and broad understanding of what types of luxury hotels one can expect to encounter and how to compare them. In this blog post I will give you my hands on review of the Grand Kandyan Hotel. 

Location of the Grand Kandyan Hotel


The Grand Kandyan Hotel is a 5-star hotel located on a hill top overlooking the city of Kandy. The hotel has a 360-degree view of the historic forest reserve Udawattakale. In addition to being located in a city center filled with historical impressions, the area of Kandy also have popular attractions such as Hantana Mountain Range, Knuckles mountain range, Hunnasigiriya mountain and the southern slope which are all popular trekking destinations.

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“This feels like a luxury version of the Disney Aladdin movie”


The Grand Kandyan is inspired by Thailand architecture and standards. The hotel itself says it offers “A new dimension to luxury” a statement I feel is very accurate. From the moment, one enters the hotel lobby there is a constant shine of gold and glitter that hits your face. The staff is constantly making sure you have everything at your fingertips. As a European I felt very overwhelmed, but it’s absolutely a fun and interesting experience.  When I was walking in the great halls and lobbies I couldn’t stop to think. “This feels like a palace from the Disney Aladdin movie.”

The Grand Kandyan Hotel Rooms

The Grand Kandyan is a luxury hotel that offers several options for your room accommodation. I had the chance to see them all as I was given a guided tour through the hotel. Every room has a gold standard that’s through the roof. From door handles to soap packages everything has a shine to it. Details throughout the room is very neatly done. Golden curtains and high-end furniture. The rooms have very fresh air as the entire hotel has air conditioning. Some of the rooms offer a magnificent view of the city which is a mix of green mountains and colorful buildings. The most disappointing thing was when I opened the mini bar. I expected it to go hand in hand with the hotels luxery "image" but it standard was nothing more than an average 3-star hotel. 


The Grand Kandyan Amenities


Out of all the hotels I visited the amenities of The Grand Kandyan Hotel is definitely the most diverse. The hotel has a gigantic roof with a pool, and outside areas for relaxation, a penthouse nightclub, a fully equipped gymnasium, 3 restaurants’ serving Indian, Thai and all-day dining, opera lounge, a gaming room, spa, 4 bars and a hair salon. In other words, this hotel really has amenities to keep you occupied. During my stay, I was also able to witness a Sri Lankan wedding. The Grand Kandyan has 5 banquets and conference facilities, making it a popular destination for weddings and business trips. 

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The Grand Kandyan Hotel bar

The Grand Kandyan Hotel bar

Hotel Breakfeast


The Grand Kandyan breakfast had a good variety of healthy and non-gluten options. The overall buffet was very well made with several options from different countries. Most interesting to me were the local Sri Lankan options including chicken curry and rice. Fresh fruit, juices and an omelet station made it very easy to pick and choose my perfect breakfast. "Bon appetite."

Overall impression:

My overall impression is that the hotel offers an experience out of the normal. Being a European it was very interesting to experience such gold and glitter for a day. This is far from your average luxury hotel and might be the one experience that you will never forget. Personally, a day or two in this type of hotel is more than enough but I am very glad I got to experience it! You can expect helpful and friendly staff, great varieties of food and a clean and modern hotel. Happy travels.

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