Mitt Norge Ambassador

Mitt Norge Ambassador

Mitt Norge = My Norway

Recently I was lucky enough to become an ambassador for Mitt Norge, Norway’s biggest Travel network with over 700,000 followers spread across multiple platforms on Instagram. This ambassador ship has by far been one of the most “asked about news” I have ever posted towards my social following. I got over 300+ answers to my Instagram story, direct mails and direct messages asking me about what it was, and how they could join in on the fun.

Because of the great response I figured I could might as well write a little post about what it means to be an ambassador for Mitt Norge and a little bit more about what Mitt Norge is trying to accomplish, and how it benefits you!

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What is Mitt Norge?

Mitt Norge is created to promote the brand of Norway. Norway has one of the most beautiful landscapes on earth due to our rocky geography latitude and longitude position stretching from X degrees East to X Degrees north. The Norwegian culture, history and our great mountains and narrow fjords is attracting X tourist a year. The last years the world has seen an explosion of Travelers seeking interest in unique destinations based on inspiration received from social media. This is where Mitt Norge becomes important.

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What do ambassadors do?

Mitt Norge has grown to a network of great content creators exposing our country to the world. My mission as a Mitt Norge ambassador is to promote my country and nation in the best way possible. As an ambassador, I am using my charisma and talent to inspire others to visit Norway.

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How can I join?

Mitt Norge is offering ambassadors and the public to come along for adventures together. In the end, it’s all about finding likeminded people and sharing with both foreigners and Norwegians the great nature and views Norway has to offer. Mitt Norge is looking for people with certain attributes, passion, following and skill set for their ambassadors, however their amazing adventures is open to anyone who should wish to join!

Where do I find more information?

Instagram: @mittnorge

Facebook: @mittnorge