With our educational / attitude changing campaign we aimed to level with the consumer. We wanted fish to be fun, which is why we came up with a great angle to combine booth famous fish-dishes and great copywriting. By creating a extraordinary universe with the French-accent-speaking "Master chef" as the new personal mascot we were able to educate young norwegians in a never-seen original way. Headline in the ad above "Swordfish is best served without the sword." [body text continues] "By visiting you will understand why."  

Headline in the ad above "For how long should I rake the rake-fish?" [body text explains why you shouldn't be raking the fish at all, and continues] "By visiting you will understand why."  **Rakefisk is a Norwegian specialty which is made of small trout.

Headline in the ad above "freaking pinch, the lobster isn't fully cooked " [body text explains how a lobster is properly prepared, and continues] "By visiting you can get access to thousands of fish-dishes. Download our app and start cooking with our master-chef today!"  

The target audience were directed into a fully customized landing page. The landing page included cutting edge solutions to make people try new fish-dishes. We created something we called "The fish of choices." When entering the web-page for the fist time the consumer would be asked to register via mail, or log in via Facebook. Him or she would then customize a profile bases upon taste and preferences regarding fish. For each time a consumer tried a fish-dish that dish would be saved and new dished would appear based on your previous choices. -just ask Amazon if that marketing strategy works.


In addition to the customized website, The campaign was strengthen with the smart-phone app "Good-fish." The app gave room for new and exciting engagement tactics with the target audience. In form of banners one could constantly interact with the audience. We needed the consumer to feel rewarded for downloading the app, so the app was designed to give exclusive and early access to shopping lists, and content for eager hobby-chefs. We wanted the concept of cooking fish to be fun and rewarding so we created master chef episodes and gave away freebies and free shopping bags to users of the app. Whenever a master chef episode was scheduled to drop online, a banner would appear to tell the audience that they could  make the fish-dish live with the release of the new episode. The master-chef episode could then be enjoyed with family and friends and the normal pattern of "I am inviting you over for dinner," could potentially be changed to "I am inviting you over so we can make dinner together." 

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God fisk [GOOD FISH] "Fictional brif"


Good fish is a norwegian online site designed to educate and inspire the norwegian population to cooke and eat more fish. in later years market analysis show a decline in young peoples dsire to eat cook and prepare fish. 


MAKE A creative educating marketing campaing for good fish. The campaign should include several media platforms and apeal to all ages. *the main target group are 15 - 21 year olds. 



Herman Langnes Martinsen - COPYWRITER

ingrid jacobsen - research 


campaign, Branding


app, campaign site, boards & magazine ads