Daniel Wellington


Daniel Wellington is a swedish watch maker with a affordable watch for every occasion.


Drive the daniel wellington pop up truck across the united states on a time period of 14 days. create social media content for snapchat, instagram and facbook from famous landmarks along the way. 








"Working with Martin was a delight. I’d recommend him for any content. I would especially recommended him for photography and drone videos. He was prompt to respond, delivered quality content and had a great attitude throughout the process!"

Cat Kustes, Social Content Manager at Daniel Wellington

DW on tour was produced between May 1st 2017 – May 14th 2017. Martin Solhaugen was approached by the Swedish watch company Daniel Wellington with the creative brief of producing social media content over a time span of 14 days. The concept was based of trying to show the ultimate Road trip between two good friends wearing Daniel Wellington watches. Martin brought Christin Longnecker, born and raised in Hawaii along has the second content creator. The two would prove to be an excellent team, pioneering a concept that had never been done in similar fashion before.

Kicking of In New York City, Daniel Wellington greeted the two content creators with love, briefing and training towards becoming the ultimate DW road trippers. Three days were spent as a total of 6 employees were to guide the two content creators on a mission to drive their company pop up truck filled with watches across the United States of America. The final destination was Los Angeles, California.

During the trip Martin and Christian took the truck on a fully planned route stopping by, Washington D.C, Surf Town South Carolina, Charleston North Carolina, New Orleans, Orlando, Austin Texas, Huston Texas, Albuquerque New Mexico, Grand Canyon Arizona, Horseshoe Bend Arizona, Monument Valley Utah, Sedona Arizona, Desserts of California, before finally arriving in Los Angeles. With close daily communication with DW HQ Martin & Christian had specific tasks on what attractions and content to capture in each of the cities. Christian worked as a brilliant coordinator having full overview of the creative tasks for Snapchat and Instagram while Martin focused on the Video aspect as a new video blog was to be produced every single day. The content was delivered with ease and could be enjoyed by a following of 2,5 million people the next day.


On Instagram, the Daniel Wellington follower base got first hand videos as the truck was progressing through the states. A team of Creative art directors at DW HQ would tailor the videos every morning, updating the whereabouts and visuals.

On snapchat the Daniel Wellington followers would play the game of: “Where is DW now?” In each city Martin and Christian would capture famous landmarks to post on the snapchat. The follower base would interact with the route as it went along. In addition to the “where is DW now?” Martin and Christian had introduction videos and sing along with classics like “Highway to hell” and “I got a fast car” while speeding through the country sides. – The fan base loved it.


For each city The DW truck entered they would switch out the glowing billboard in the nose of the truck having it for example say “Washington D.C, or “Austin Texas”, depending on location. This in addition to the amazing size and visuals of the truck people from the community would always point, steer and ask questions to what the campaign was all about. In many of the cases people were educated about Daniel Wellington, in others they were positively reminded what a cool and up-to date brand Daniel Wellington was. The video blogs are filled with people joining in on the fun, as the two boys in their twenties had the trip of their lifetime.

Watch all the vlogs the team produced here:



See the recap video made by Daniel Wellington 


Four months has passed since the campaign was produced and the overwhelming

impressions and experiences has been absorbed by the team.


Martin Solhaugen, Creative Director and Producer says:

“I feel proud and accomplished. It’s not until now that I look back and realize what a tremendous social media campaign we were a part of. When you are experiencing Times Square New York for the first time in your life, flying helicopters in the deep south, walking two of the famous movie sets from the Forrest Gump movie, flying a hot air balloon over New Mexico and grasping the vastness of the Arizona Desserts all in 14 days you have close to no time to reflect. I feel truly blessed that I was able to be a part of this campaign and that Daniel Wellington gave me an experience of a life time. I am so happy that I got to use my talent for videography to share our trip with a network of 2,5 million followers and to inspire others to live the life they dream of. Go out there, meet new people, experience, capture and make the most out of life!. A Special thank you goes out to Christian Longnecker for his amazing ability to coordinate, create content and make things happen on the spot. To the people at DW New York and DW Los Angeles I am forever grateful that you were showing us 110% commitment through the campaign.”

Cat Kustes, Social Content Manager at Daniel Wellington says:

"Working with Martin was a delight. I’d recommend him for any content. I would especially recommended him for photography and drone videos. He was prompt to respond, delivered quality content and had a great attitude throughout the process!"