The concept of Durmen is a concept that got created in my fictional universe based upon everything I had ever learned and seen. During research I got fascinated about 13th century northern mythology. Pears and Apples had been grown in the mountain sides of Herdanger since the glory days of Norwegian Vikings. Vikings and fairytales circled my mind for days and nights until I had finally found a link that I believed could glue my concept together. The name Durmen means "Dry Man" in the ancient Northern Viking language [Norrønt.] My concept itself is a fairytale mix of several of Europe's most known folk-tails. for 3 weeks I played Kygo on repeat and got lost in a universe where I let my imagination go wild. When the dust had cleared I had created a completely new product from scratch and an entire marketing campaign to back it up.  

Doing packaging design is one of the things I found most challenging but also most rewarding. Once you have the finished design right in front of you it's easy to say, "I could have made that," while in reality it's a game of associations, inspiration and aesthetics. You need to think about the products visual appeal, it,s shape and it's functionality before even considering drawing your first colour scheme. I thought about what I liked and didn't like about similar products. I wanted to keep my healthy dried fruit fresh after a movie night. This lead to the Zip-lock function seen above. I thought about the consumers moment of purchase. I needed a colour that would differentiate my product from everything else that one could normally expect to see in consumers buying preferences. I needed my consumer to see and acknowledge my healthy product through the bag, and most importantly I needed the consumer to adopt my product, laugh and join the fun.  

As a part of the creative brief I had to create a design manual for my product. Seen above is the visual logo profil of the "D" in Durmen. The manual provides guidelines, colour-codes and explains how the logo will be used in any given marketing situation. 

Seen above are two of the magazine / poster ads created for the campaign. The one to the left plays of a Norwegian folk-tale where a little boy is having a porridge eating-competition with a troll. In the original story the little boy never eats the porridge but scoops it into his backpack every time the troll is not looking. This makes the boy against all odds defeat the giant troll. 

(The story mentioned above is common knowledge for a Norwegian)

- In the Durmen magazine ad however the headline says: "Get ready for a fair eating competition." The body text later explains that the dried fruit of Durmen is to good for the boy to scoop into his backpack. The boy can't resist the dried fruit and therefore the troll now has a fair chance. The payoff informs the target audience about a treasure hunt which you can either read more about on the product or at www.durmen.no. 

Each of the stories associated with the boards and magazines in this campaign is created in a similar fashion.  

Concept of the ads quickly explained:

To the left the original story tells about three sheep that's traveling far distances to a farm house. The purpose about the long travel is to fed themselves completely full. Unfortunately they meet a troll by a major waterfall. The troll controls the only crossing and demands the most tasty sheep in return for a safe pass. In the Durmen board ad above the headline says: "To the farm house to feed yourself healthy" [the body text continues] In this fairy tale only the dry fruit with the right amount of sugar were allowed to pass. (Meaning the fruit is carefully inspected and needs to meet a certain standard before being bagged and sold in the stores.)

To the right the original story tells about a man who is traveling far distances and in the end looks for a place to spend the night. He finds a house, but for each time he asks the man of the house if he could stay the night he get's appointed to the next "father in line." After going through 6 generations he is finally granted a stay for the night. In the magazine ad above the headlines says: "We skipped those six generations." [The body text continues] "To let you know that you are granted a taste of our dry gold" 

Above the ads are inspired by the famous tale of Atlantis and the famous tale of Jack and the Beanstalk. The things that differentiate the Durman stories from the originals is that the blue bag of Durman is always the climax, or if you will; the treasure that needs to be found.  

Meet the figures living in the bag: A brief explanation of all the fruits found in the bag. I wanted the target audience to get familiar with the figures and feel like they knew them. Each figure has it's own unique background history and set of skills. I have also taken in consideration gender and made sure there were names that could be associated with both boys and girls.

Above you see the campaign site of Durmen. The headline says "The treasure hunt in Herdanger." The visual is inspired by one of Norway's most culturally and historically famous painting. Named; [Brudeferden i Herdanger] 

By clicking in on the treasure hunt the target audience could experience the treasure hunt day by day. They could take part in mysteries, colouring of the landscape and interactive stories. If you look closely you will understand that every magazine ad and board ad you have seen so far is included in the visual universe of the campaign site. As the days went on each scenario would be played out, for example the Durmen's conquered the giant troll on day #4.

My last choice of media was a brochure. The brochure was designed to give the target audience al the information they needed about Durmen even if it was their first meeting with the product. The brochure would be given out at major Theme-Parks such as Rollercoaster-Land [Tusenfryd], Norway's biggest animal park, [Kristiansand Dyrepark], waterpark-land [Bø-sommerland], and at major Norwegian tourist attractions spread throughout the country.

As a final detail I want to justify my choice of design. As stated in the background section of the creative brief Durmen was to be produced at Northern Europe's most eco-friendly factory. Therefore my designs resemble recycled card box posters, and was to be made of 100% recycled material. Durmen could then inform through PR how their whole product and advertisement-campaign not only benefited the consumers health, but the health of our environment.

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this project was my final exam project at høyskolen kristiania, portfolio school, oslo Norway. a company in the mountain hills of herdanger norway wanted to start production of dried fruit. the fruit was a mix of dried pears and apples and had been proven to be twice as healthy as any similar product currently on the market.The production of the fruit was going to be one of the most eco-friendly in northern europe. 


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